3D Model

Printing PETG materials using FDM rapid prototyping technology

PETG It has outstanding toughness and high impact strength. Its impact strength is 3~10 times that of modified polyacrylates. It has excellent molding performance, cold bending is not white, no crack, easy to print and modify, widely used indoors and outdoors. Signage, storage shelves, vending machine panels, furniture, construction and mechanical baffles, etc.

SLA Transparent models

Transparent models can be printed using SLA technology Transparent ABS-like material, SLA is translucent after rapid prototyping Spray a bright oily resin on the surface Make the surface of the model show a transparent effect

Class ABS super large SLA model

Model printed using SLA technology Split the model into small pieces SLA rapid prototyping Splicing small pieces into large models

SLA High quality 3D models

The 3D model made with SLA printing technology has a very flat appearance and is very suitable for making appearance parts of products. 采用SLA印刷技术制作的3D模型外观非常平整,非常适合制作产品的外观部件。

TPU soft rubber products rapid prototyping

TPU材料制作的软质产品具有高防水性透湿性、防风、防寒、抗菌、防霉、保暖、抗紫外线以及能量释放等许多优异的功能。 Soft products made of TPU materials have many excellent functions such as high water repellency, moisture resistance, wind resistance, cold resistance, antibacterial, mildew proof, warmth, UV resistance and energy release.