Printing PETG materials using FDM rapid prototyping technology

PETG It has outstanding toughness and high impact strength. Its impact strength is 3~10 times that of modified polyacrylates. It has excellent molding performance, cold bending is not white, no crack, easy to print and modify, widely used indoors and outdoors. Signage, storage shelves, vending machine panels, furniture, construction and mechanical baffles, etc.

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PETG/PCTG is a non-crystalline copolyester (while Coca-Cola or pure water bottles are crystalline polyesters, usually called PET, which are processed by a three-step process). In the production process, since a certain amount of ethylene glycol is replaced by 1,4-cyclohexane dimethanol (CHDM), crystallization can be prevented, thereby improving processing and transparency. The product is highly transparent and has excellent impact resistance. It is especially suitable for forming thick-walled transparent products, and can be designed in any shape according to the designer’s intention. It can be formed by conventional extrusion, injection molding, blow molding, etc., while PETG/ PCTG products have excellent post-processing properties and can be subjected to conventional machining modifications. At the same time, this kind of copolyester passed the FDA’s food contact standards, so it can also be applied to food, health care and other fields.
It is first of all a transparent material, so many times the following will be chosen for comparison.
1) PETG/PCTG It is first of all a highly transparent plastic. It has excellent optical properties, high gloss surface and low turbidity, its light transmittance is close to 90%, close to pmma, and better than polycarbonate (PC).
2) PETG/PCTG has a wider range of chemical resistance (such as coffee, chocolate, grease, acid, etc.). It has excellent chemical resistance to the following chemicals: automotive oils, soaps, detergents, detergents, carpet cleaners, toothpaste and peppermint oils, perfumes, cooking oils, 2-propanol, hydrocarbon solvents, etc. ,
3) It is one of the few environmentally friendly plastic materials to date. The reason why it is environmentally friendly is because it only burns CO2 and water after burning, which can protect nature. Since 2006, many developed countries such as Europe, America and Japan are strongly promoting the use of environmentally friendly materials like PETG. (PETG has SGS, FDA, MSDN certification), PETG has become one of the preferred alternatives for non-environmentally friendly transparent materials such as PVC. Once your customers propose to use environmentally friendly plastics, PETG should be the first choice.
4) PETG/PCTG is particularly suitable for forming transparent products with thick walls. PETG products with wall thickness can maintain the same excellent light transmittance, and PETG/PCTG products have a transparent ice-blue color that caters to the world trend. The surface is extremely delicate and has super visual effect. In addition, their thick walls Or inside a solid product, it is not easy to generate bubbles during processing. (We have a lot of transparent samples for guests to watch, and these samples belong to all major brands).
5) PETG/PCTG has extremely high toughness, excellent tensile properties and good impact resistance. In transparent plastics, PC has the best toughness and impact resistance, but the stretchability is not good; the tensile properties, toughness and impact resistance of acrylic are not good; and PETG has extremely high toughness and excellent tensile strength. Performance, its maximum stretch ratio can reach more than 180%, its impact strength is several times that of acrylic, but slightly worse than PC, while PCTG is a wide range of transparent plastics, plastics with close impact strength to PC One of them, PCTG has a reputation of being “not bad” and is derived from its super-toughness.
The superior toughness greatly reduces the breakdown of finished products during secondary processing, transportation, installation and use, greatly reducing the overall cost of finished products. PETG/PCTG also has a prominent advantage: Its physical and mechanical properties hardly change at low temperatures.
6) They have fun secondary processing performance. Excellent ductility makes it possible to have multiple secondary processing methods for PETG/PCTG. You can laser cut, mill, die, drill, weld, punch, bend, cold bend (less than 2.5 mm), screw/rivet/bolt or fix their products. The processing performance is poor, because the PC is more likely to cause stress concentration during molding. Once the above secondary processing method is performed, the stress balance of the PC product may be broken or the product may be cracked.
7) They have excellent printing properties and coating properties. That is to say, the surface of PETG/PCTG plastic products can be subjected to various printing (spraying, silk screen printing, pad printing, hot stamping, etc.) or spraying without any special corona treatment, and the bonding property with the surface coating. Very good (Note: PETG/PCTG has a wide range of chemical resistance, but it is not guaranteed to be resistant to solvents in all sprays. Customers are advised to pre-customize PETG/PCTG suitable sprays)

PETG/PCTG是一种非结晶性共聚酯(而可口可乐或纯净水瓶是结晶型的聚酯,通常叫PET,是经过注拉吹三步法加工出来的)。在其生产过程中,由于一定数量的乙二醇被1,4-cyclohexane dimethanol(CHDM)所取代,可预防结晶化,进而改善加工制造和透明度。其制品高度透明,抗冲击性能优良,特别适宜成型厚壁透明制品,并且能够按照设计者的意图进行任意形状的设计,它可以采用传统的挤出、注塑、吹塑等成型方法,同时PETG/PCTG制品后加工性能优良,可以进行常规的机加工修饰。同时该种共聚酯通过美国FDA关于食品接触标准,故他还可以应用于食品、医疗卫生等领域.
2) PETG/PCTG具有更广泛的耐化学性能(如咖啡、巧克力、油脂、酸等)。它对以下化学物质具有优异的耐化学性:汽车用油、肥皂液、去垢剂、清洁剂、地毯洗洁剂、牙膏和薄荷油、香水、烹调油、2-丙醇、烃类溶剂等 ,
3) 它是迄今为止为数不多的环保塑胶材料之一。之所以说它是环保材料,是因为它经燃烧之后只剩下CO2和水, 这样可以很好的保护大自然,自从2006年以来,欧美日等许多发达国家正大力提倡使用类似PETG的环保材料(PETG有SGS、FDA、MSDN认证),PETG已经成为PVC等非环保透明材料的优选替代物之一,一旦你的客户提出要使用环保塑料,PETG应该是首选物。
4) PETG/PCTG特别适宜成型壁厚透明制品。壁厚的PETG制品,其透光率也可以保持一样的优秀,而且PETG/PCTG产品具有迎合世界潮流的透明冰蓝底色,其表面极其细腻,具有超强的视觉效果;另外它们的厚壁或实心产品内部,在加工时不容易产生气泡。(我们备有很多透明样品供客人观赏,而且这些样品分别属于各大品牌所有)。
5)PETG/PCTG具有极高的的韧性、优异的抗拉伸性能和较好的耐抗冲击性能。在透明塑料中,PC的韧性和抗冲击性最优,但拉伸性不好;亚克力的拉伸性能、韧性和抗冲击性能都不好;而PETG具有极高的韧性和优异的抗拉伸性能,它的最大拉伸比率更可达到180%多,其抗冲击强度是亚克力的数倍,但比PC略差,同时PCTG是广泛的透明塑料之中,与PC抗冲击强度较接近的塑料之一 ,PCTG有堪称”捶不烂”的美誉,是由它的超强韧性所得来。
6)它们具有乐趣无穷的二次加工性能。出色的延展性使PETG/PCTG的多种二次加工方式成为可能。您可以对它们的产品进行激光切割、铣边、模切、钻孔、焊接、冲孔、热弯、冷弯(限2.5毫米以下)、螺丝/铆钉/螺栓连接或固定. 而PC的二次加工性能较差,原因是PC在成型时较容易产生应力集中,一旦进行以上某种二次加工方式时,就会因此打破PC制品的应力平衡,或导致产品开裂.
7)它们具有优异的印刷性能和涂覆性能。也就是说PETG/PCTG塑料制品表面无须经过任何特别的电晕处理,就可进行各种印刷(喷涂、丝印、移印、热压印等) 或喷涂,而且与表面涂复物的粘结性能很好(注:PETG/PCTG耐化学性虽然较广泛,但不能保证可耐所有喷涂物里的溶剂,敬请客户预先定制PETG/PCTG适合之喷涂物)

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